Thanks to the generosity of the Friends Of The Library group, the library was able to purchase and install an ultra-high resolution monitor, which is permanently mounted on the wall near the library entrance.  We will use it to feature the work of local photographers.  


We will often have contests centered around a specific theme.  See sidebar for rules.  Please feel free to submit non-contest photos you'd like to see featured at any time.





  • photos should be in landscape orientation (long dimension is left/right, not up/down) for best appearance on our monitor.

  • may leave uncropped, but if you prefer to do own cropping, monitor is 16:9 ratio (2560 x 1440 pixels).  Photo may be cropped for best presentation unless you instruct otherwise.

  • library / trustee employees and their family members may submit photos, but are ineligible to win.

  • submitting photos means you understand they will be displayed at the library, featured on our website and Facebook page, and, perhaps, featured in the local newspaper.  You also are acknowledging that these photos are your own work.

  • photos are judged on originality, consistency with theme and SHARPNESS.  Please use a tripod if you have trouble with blurriness and / or turn on image stabilization if your camera has that feature.

  • Most newer cell phone cameras work well - don't be afraid to use it.

  • you may submit photos by email (to Steve at

  • you can also bring in the photos in-camera, or on a USB drive / SD card, or using upload feature (see button at bottom of page).

  • photos must be DIGITAL - no prints please.

  • avoid identifiable persons in the photos.  Submitting photos with recognizable persons implies you have their permission to display their image, or, in the case of minors, have their parent/guardians permission.

  • photos must always be in good taste.  Final judgement on this matter will be made by library staff.

  • No words or phrases on photos

  • Composite photos not allowed unless stated otherwise

Current Contest

Wintertime is dark.  No one is crazy about that fact.


But it does give photographers a great opportunity.  Why?  Because we humans like to light up the darkness!  And when you add Christmas to the mix? 

Lights!  Lights!  Lights!

So the contest theme is:  "Season Of Light".

Capture the lights of the holiday season, whether they be indoor, outdoor, electrical, or candle.  Each photo must have an element of man-made lighting.

Please comply with the rules at right, especially if identifiable persons are part of your photos.  Get permission!

DEADLINE:  5 pm, Friday, January 3, 2020

MAX SUBMISSIONS:  5 per entrant

(319) 462-2183

(319) 462-5349

600 E 1st Street, Anamosa, IA 52205