Genealogy & Local History Resources

The library has an extensive collection of genealogical and local history materials including Anamosa and Jones County histories, local family histories, cemetery records, and other items of interest. 


Our full holdings are searchable with our online catalog.

The Jones County Genealogy Collection

Through a cooperative agreement with the Jones County Genealogy Society, the Anamosa Library and Learning Center serves as the repository for all society materials.  Materials and media are available to the public during the library's normal service hours. 


A general Iowa history collection, an Anamosa-specific collection, and microfilm holdings of the Anamosa Journal, Anamosa Eureka, and the Anamosa Journal-Eureka are found in the library's general reference area, adjacent to the public access computers. Some land, deed, justice of the peace, and various other local records are also available on microfilm.  These are not included in the online index.

Remaining genealogical society items are retained behind the library's Circulation Desk.  Items reflect Anamosa, Jones County, and greater Iowa history dating from 1856.  Of particular note are the newspaper media collection, available census records, county histories, and particular family history documents.   A general index of materials in this collection is available at the end of this article.

Patrons seeking to view or use genealogical society items are required to follow specific instructions.  No materials are available for checkout; all items are restricted to in-library use.  Patrons will perform research in the staff workroom; a photocopier is available. 

The library staff is available to answer general questions about the collection; specific genealogy searches or other requests deemed outside the knowledge of the staff will be directed to society members. Such questions may require arrangements or other services outside the domain of the library.

Highlighted Resources


Anamosa - A Reminiscence

"Anamosa - A Reminiscence 1838 - 1988" by Bertha Finn is considered the definitive history of Anamosa.

A digital version of this book is available by clicking on the fullscreen icon on the image below (looks like a broken square).  This will take you to, where the digital volume is housed.  Tools are available there to zoom in and search.


A copy is available at the library.

Researcher Tom Myles has generously shared his genealogical database of Jones County families.  The database includes information for about 360,000 individuals.

The Myles Database

Researchers can also find a lot of information on a privately-maintained Jones County genealogy website.

Jones County Genealogy Website

Jones County Newspaper Archive

The Jones County Genealogical Society and county libraries collaborated to digitize and place online the counties newspapers. 


All county newspapers are accessible through this archive except Monticello's newspapers. Monticello's newspapers are only available through the Monticello Library's website.

Historical Video Collection


Vintage Videos

The library's collection has several locally and historically significant videos that have been digitized and made available for public viewing.

Click on the video to the left to enlarge and view the video.

Local Access Channel Footage

The library also holds a collection of over 800 DVDs produced by the Local Access Television Station that operated from 2001 - 2011.

These videos are not available online, but can be checked out from the library.  The list of available videos to the right is searchable.

Historical Photograph Collection

Many images in the library's photograph collection are portraits and many of the subjects are currently unidentified. 

If you can identify any person(s) in the photos, please contact the library.

Prints of each photograph and collection are available for review at the library.


The George Negatives are photographs taken around 1900. Some of these images are not from the Anamosa area, but many are.


These delicate glass plates were found in the attic of a local home in the 1970s by a couple of young men who, in turn, gave them to local photography instructor Bob George, who maintained custody of them until they were given to the library.


These images were partially digitized by Steve Nassif some years ago, and the rest scanned by library staff.

The Weiss Collection of photographs consists of over 300 photographs taken about 1915 by Anamosa photographer Herbert Weiss and was shared by his grandson, Terry Weiss.


Many images in the Weiss Collection are portraits, and we are hopeful that at least some can be identified.


If you can identify any person(s) in the photos, please contact the library.

Collection Highlights

The library's collection also has an assortment of other historically-significant photographs.

A few have been highlighted to the right.  Simply click to enlarge.

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