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Library Account Services

The library offers the following services only to card-holding members:

Audio Books
on CD
Large Print

Managing Accounts

By contacting the library or accessing online accounts, patrons can:

Renew Materials
Place Holds
View Fines or Fees
Set Up Text & Email Notices
View Checkout History

Library Cards

All those who are eligible may apply for a library card at no charge.

Eligibility Guidelines

All applicants must be at least 5 years of age and qualify under one of three options:


Reside with the city limits of Anamosa


Reside in rural Jones County


Reside in an Iowa city or county participating in the Open Access program

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Library Card Application Process

When applying for a library card, all applicants must:

2) Provide proof of name

Photo ID or birth certificate with social security card

2) Provide proof of address

Voting card, utility bill, bank statement,

or recently postmarked mail

A driver’s license with a current address is proof of name and address.

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Children Under Age 14

Children without a form of identification listing their current address will be required to have a parent or guardian with current address identification to verify their address and sign their application.

Lost Card Replacement

When a card is lost or damaged, a replacement card can be made for $1.00.

If the card was stolen, a new library card number will be issued and a note will be made on the patron's account.

For more information on library cards:


Online Library Accounts

Every library card has a corresponding online account which can be used

anywhere and at any time as long as there is access to the Internet.


All patrons have access to an online account, however activation

may need to be requested.

Please contact the library to

activate your account.

Online accounts can easily be accessed by going to the library's online catalog.  The Account Log In can be found in the top-right corner of the Online Catalog.


Manage Checkouts

View current checkouts and due dates

Renew and reserve items

View Fines Owed

Fines and fees cannot be paid online.  However, the full list is available to view.

Add Items to Bookbag

A Bookbag is similar to the Amazon Wish List.

Create Watch Lists

Set up email notifications for authors, series, or subjects.  When new items are added in these categories to the library, an email will be sent.

View Checkout History

Patrons can view their checkout history going back 1 year.

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Inter-Library Loan

The Inter-Library Loan program, sponsored by the State Library of Iowa, allows library patrons to borrow things from other libraries in Iowa without ever leaving town.

In order to participate in the program, patrons must have a valid library card and have no fines, fees, or overdue items on their account.

There is a $3.00 charge for each item borrowed through this program, due to shipping costs.

Contact the library for more information.

Purchase Request

Fill out the form below to recommend an item for the library to purchase.


(319) 462-2183

(319) 462-5349

600 E 1st Street, Anamosa, IA 52205