Library Services


Study Rooms

The library offers 3 study rooms for the public to use for free.  Study room space is available Monday through Saturday during all scheduled open hours. Study rooms may be scheduled up to 2 years in advance. 

Flag Study Room

Seats 6-8

Small Study Room

Seats 4

Children's Study Room

Seats 6-8


Exam Proctoring

Basic exam proctoring services are available for free to all residents.  Students are responsible for providing the library with the required material or passwords.


Be advised, due to staff availability the library cannot provide constant monitoring of test takers.

Please contact the library to arrange for exam proctoring.

Home Delivery

Local residents, who are temporarily or permanently unable to use the library facility, may be eligible to have library materials delivered to  them at home.


For full details of the program, as well as an application form, contact the library.


Display Case

Special collections or small exhibits may be displayed here.  Contact the library for more details.


The display case features 4 glass shelves, 2 wooden shelves, and a bulletin board back. 

Camera Corner

Local photographers, professional and amateur, are encouraged to showcase their work and participate in the photo contests.

Anyone wishing to submit to the Camera Corner should contact the library or read the Display Case Policy.


The Camera Corner is sponsored by the Friends of the Library.


Renting Space at the Library

The library offers two spaces for the community to rent for all types of events.

Community Room

A private room located immediately to the left once entering the building.  It is available any day at any time.

Base Fee

Includes the first 3 hours


Additional Hours

Cost per each additional hour


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Central Atrium

This is the main room of the library.  It is available only outside of the library's regular business hours and if staff members are able to be present.

Base Fee

Includes the first 4 hours


Additional Hours

Cost per each additional hour


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Potential renters must contact the library as to availability, guidelines, and associated fees.

Community Room Features
Large, Flexible Space

With plenty of lightweight, but sturdy chairs and tables, the Community Room can accommodate most group events.  Official room capacity is 120, but will vary depending on room setup.


The kitchen includes: Microwave





Some utensils

Room Dividers

The Community Room offers the capability of dividing into two rooms separated by a single door.  If divided, only one room has access to the television and kitchen.

70" Television

Compatible with:

Apple TV







SD Card

(319) 462-2183

(319) 462-5349

600 E 1st Street, Anamosa, IA 52205