If you own an iPad, Android device, or smart phone, you've probably seen a setting for Bluetooth. Yet, many folks would have a hard time defining exactly what Bluetooth is, and does. Let me try and help you with both questions.

Simply put, Bluetooth is a way for devices to communicate with each other wirelessly, over short distances. What are the advantages to that? Well.....

1) I bought a set of Bluetooth headphones so I could listen to music while I vacuum the floors without worrying about getting the headphone cord tangled up as I pushed the vacuum back and forth.

2) I bought a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard so that I had two fewer cords in the mess of cords behind my tower computer.

3) Most newer cars have Bluetooth built in, allowing you to talk hands-free while driving. You can also play music over your vehicle's sound system using Bluetooth.

4) The future is bright for Bluetooth, as a whole range of home automation and devices looms on the horizon, many of them controllable by your phone using Bluetooth. You approach a locked room and the door unlocks automatically, the lights in the room turn on, and the thermostat warms the room for you, all without lifting a finger.

Bluetooth is everywhere. It's built in to every smart phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop computer. It is low cost, reliable, and offers wireless convenience and flexibility to your everyday gadgetry.

Here's a two-minute Youtube video explaining Bluetooth.

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