Borrowing E-Books

A common interest for many patrons receiving tablets, Nooks, Kindles, and smartphones for Christmas is downloading and reading e-books (or audio books). Fortunately, the Anamosa Library has a strong e-book program -- as long as you have a library card and live (or work) in or near Anamosa, you can participate. Here's a few terms you'll run across if you use our system:

The company that provides the e-book service we subscribe to is Overdrive.

The group of libraries that we belong to that share a common digital library is called NEIBORS.

The software / app that you should install on your device that helps you manage the process is Overdrive Media Console. There is a version for every device, whether it be a PC, Mac, Nook, Kindle, iPad, etc.

Overdrive has a fairly extensive help website available HERE. This includes instructions specific to your device.

The basic steps for downloading e-books are:

1) install Overdrive Media Console (OMC) on your device

2) open OMC and connect it to the Anamosa Library (using the "Add Library" feature).

3) use your library card number to log in to the NEIBORS website

4) browse the collection and select your book(s)

5) click the BORROW button to begin the checkout process. You will need to choose a format as well (here is information about the various formats).

Please feel free to call the library if you have questions.

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