Excellent Gift!

Have you always been intrigued by tablet computers like the iPad, but found them just too darn expensive? Or maybe you already own a tablet, but would like a second device that's smaller and more portable, easier to hold, and less expensive than the iPad mini.

Boy have I got a deal for you.

Amazon recently released a new version of the venerable Kindle Fire 7" tablet that has a beautiful display, can serve capably to read books and email, browse the web, and takes decent photos. It is speedy, well-designed, and available for only $49.

You heard right - under fifty bucks for a tablet computer. Heck, it's almost disposable! Rather than take your expensive iPad to the beach to read your ebooks, and risk getting sand in it, or getting it wet, take this little baby instead!

I was so impressed with the little marvel I bought two.

The device will display ads when it is awakened from lock status, but this is easily bypassed using readily available tweaks on the internet. Although the Google Play Store isn't included by default (with it's huge number of apps), this can be remedied using the same tweaks. In essence, you then have a fully-functional Android tablet at a bargain-basement price.

If you'd like to see the device, stop by the library and we'll be happy to show it to you. It would make a great gift for someone on your Christmas list this year.

And no, Amazon isn't paying me a dime to promote for them! lol

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