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One of the most popular links on the library's website is the Jones County Newspaper Archive. If you haven't visited it yet, drop what you're doing and visit this link: tinyurl.com/anamosalib

All the county's newspapers (except the Monticello Express, which was done separately) have been scanned and put online for your searching pleasure. Issues back to 1856! If you've lived in Jones County awhile (or your whole lifetime), simply plug in your name and see if you ever made the paper. Caref

ul though - those speeding citations will come up along with everything else!

Did great-grandpa live in the county a hundred years ago? You may be able to find mention of his marriage to grandma, or the auction notice when he sold the farm, or the story of his land dispute with his neighbor. More and more libraries are teaming up with local genealogy societies to get the local newspapers scanned, but Jones County was among the first. It has revolutionized research, eliminating the need for hours hunched over a microfilm reader, reading reams of irrelevant text, searching for that one name or event that could have been found in seconds (seconds!) using the online archive.

Even if you are a newcomer to the county, pull up an old issue or two and look at the ads. They are an absolute hoot. Fleece sweaters in 1939 could be bought at Hankens for only 89 cents! See how local folks reacted to the historic events gone by--even Lincoln's assasination.

If your parent or grandparent grew up around here, sit down with him or her in front of the computer and show them some of the issues from their heydey. It would be a great trip down memory lane for them, and may prompt new memories you hadn't heard before. And it goes without saying that if you are a genealogist whose relatives lived in Jones County, this is an absolute gold mine.

Spend a few minutes, or hours, with the archive. It will be time well spent.

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