Introducing - Steve's Tech Blog

Here at the Anamosa Library we often brainstorm about what additional services we can offer our patrons. Some of our ideas are winners. Some are clunkers. Hopefully the idea to start a tech blog is in the former category, not the latter!

Technology is absolutely everywhere these days. On your desk at work, in your home, in your purse or shirt pocket. Soon you'll even be wearing smart technology: on your wrist, your eyewear, and even your clothing. Everything will connect to the internet. If you love technology, this is a golden era. If you hate it, you may just be ignoring all the changes. If you're somewhere in the middle, however, you probably own and use various high-tech devices: a smart phone, perhaps, or an iPod/iPad or Android device. Many people have some kind of home computer, be it PC or Mac. You folks in that middle group can see the advantages technology can bring to everyday life, but you hate how complicated it is, and how frustrating those little devices can be.

If you're in this group, this blog is for you.

My goal is to discuss and explain tech topics in plain, easy-to-understand language. I will post as regularly as I can, so check back often. Subject matter will be wide-ranging: from PCs to smart phones, from apps to digital photography. And, of course, we'll also discuss the tech resources available at the library. Here's some possible topics you may see down the road:

  • internet searching

  • borrowing e-books

  • avoiding spyware

  • your online library account

  • what is the Cloud?

  • backup up your stuff

  • what can I do with an iPad?

If you have a topic you think would make a good blog posting, drop me a line.

Oh, about me - I've been a clerk at the library for over two years. I enjoy technology and want to help others enjoy it too. I am the de facto tech guy here, and lead tech support sessions for patrons on a weekly basis. Currently we meet each Tuesday at 2:30 pm. Stop by if you have a problem or question regarding your gadgets.

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