Meet Libby

When I was first employed at the Anamosa Library & Learning Center five years ago,

e-books were an exciting new development in the library world. Most libraries around the US contracted with Overdrive, a company that provides access to e-books. However, the service was a bit on the buggy side, the entire process of borrowing an e-book was a bit clunky, and generally you had to own a Kindle or Nook device.

Times have changed! Overdrive has, slowly but surely, streamlined the browsing and borrowing process over the years. But perhaps the biggest, and most exciting, improvement was released recently. An application for your computer and/or tablets and smart phones named "Libby".

In my opinion, Libby is a winner. It finally makes e-book borrowing not only easier, but actually fun! Install Libby on your smart phone, tablet, and PC and you can read the same book seamlessly across all those devices. Do you have library cards from several libraries? If they use Overdrive like we do, you can manage all your borrowing with this one app. It's a capable little e-book reader, and will even play your audio books for you.

If you've been reluctant to try e-books, now is a great time to take the plunge. It's easier than ever!

Here's the Libby web page. There is also a short video that gives an overview of the app.

Best yet, it's all free!

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