New iPad? Where's The Darn Manual?

A consistent complaint from new iPad/iPhone users is: "Why doesn't Apple include a manual in the box with the iPad?" It's an excellent question. Including a printed manual would boost the size and weight of the box significantly, and add to the cost of the device. So Apple chose not to include one.

But that does NOT mean a manual doesn't exist! Happily, it does, and it's easy to get your hands on.

Make sure you are connected to the internet. Then, on your new device:

  • look for an icon labeled, "iBooks" and touch it to open the app

  • Look for a row of icons along the bottom edge of the screen. Click "Top Charts".

  • Now look for a search box in the upper right corner of the screen, next to a small magnifying glass.

  • Touch inside the box, so that the cursor begins to blink, then type start typing "ios user" (don't type the quotation marks) and watch the matches start appearing below the search box.

  • There will be manuals listed for iPads, iPhones, and iPods. Select the manual for the device you have, and choose the one with the highest number (e.g. "iPad User Guide For IOS 9.2" as opposed to "iPad User Guide For IOS 8.4")

  • Click the "Get" button, then "Get Book"

  • The manual will download into the iBooks application on your device. It is 300 pages, heavily illustrated, and will teach you a lot about your new device. The down side is that it's hard to practice the tips you learn while the manual is open on your device! To work around that problem:

  • while reading the manual, click the round Home button at the bottom edge of your device. This will return you to the main page of icons ("Home screen").

  • practice any tips or techniques you learned in the manual

  • to return to the manual and continue reading, double-click (two quick clicks) on the Home button, and you'll see all your open apps stacked on top of each other. You should be able to see the manual at, or near, the top of the stack. Click it to return to the manual.

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