Power Genealogy

If you are considering researching your family tree, and your roots are in Jones County, you are in luck -- you have some seriously powerful resources available! For starters:

1) Jones County Newspaper Archive - virtually ALL of the county's newspapers have been digitized and are searchable online. Many towns and counties have NO digitized newspapers, or, if they do, you have to pay a subscription to use them. Not in Jones County! Free for all! The papers go back to 1855. Find the obituary of your great-great grandmother. Read the ad your businessman grandpa placed in the paper. See what everyday life was like for Jones County folk in 1887.


2) Perhaps one of the most extensive databases of Jones County genealogy (over 330,000 names!) was recently donated to the library by Tom Myles of New York, who has spent the last 20 years making connections and filling in the blanks. The database can be viewed from selected library computers. If you have been considering researching your family tree, and your roots are in Jones County, chances are good that Tom has already given you a head start. Come on down and explore the database - it's fascinating stuff.

3) Complete the power genealogy trifecta is the library's subscription to Ancestry.com. Sit down at one of our computers, or bring your own, and you can access Ancestry's incredible resources for free. If you need help getting started, we can help.

Genealogy has gotten faster, easier, and much more fun! Winter is a great time to get started. How about today?

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