Reboot! Reboot! Reboot!

We see a lot of devices at the library. iPads, smart phones, Kindles - you name it. We enjoy helping folks with their tech problems Over the years I have noticed a few common issues with devices that I wanted to pass along that you may not be aware of.

Too often folks come in with a device that has a seriously dim screen. I personally like a brighter screen -- it's easier to read and navigate. I enjoy the look on people's faces when I boost their brightness and they say, "wow! I didn't know you could do that!"

Another issue - by default, most devices will go to "sleep" after a minute of no activity. This saves battery, but is quite unhandy if you've just stepped away from the device for a minute or two. You have to wake it up again and type in your passcode (if you use that feature). Changing the sleep setting to five minutes will still be battery-friendly but frustrate you far less.

In both cases, look for a "Settings" icon on your device. Tap it and find the "Display" category. You can change your brightness and sleep settings there.

Finally, I've noticed that many folks believe they are turning their device off when, in fact, they are simply putting it into sleep mode. They tap the power button, causing the screen to go dark, and believe that the device has shut down. This is not the case. Consequently, as long as the device is kept charged, it's possible to go weeks or months without restarting your device. Most of us know that electronic devices need to be rebooted (restarted) occasionally, lest they start acting wonky. It's the nature of the beast, whether it be a PC, e-reader, smart phone, or tablet.

To truly shut down (or restart) your device, press AND HOLD the power button until a message pops up, offering you the option to power off or restart. Doing this little exercise every week or so will keep you and your device much happier!

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