Send Anywhere!

Have you ever gotten frustrated at how difficult it can be sending photos from one device to another? Especially if the devices run on different platforms (like iPads to PCs, or PCs to Android phones).

I've tried many different programs and services over the years that promised to make the whole process painless. But I've never seen a service that works as easily and reliably as Send Anywhere.

This free service installs on any device. Here's what happens next:

  • on your sending device, open the Send Anywhere application. The interface is uncluttered and simple, dominated by large SEND and RECEIVE buttons.

  • choose the photos you want to transfer and click the SEND button

  • you will be presented with a six-digit code (e.g. 123456).

  • open the Send Anywhere application on your receiving device, or choose from the list of eligible nearby devices Send Anywhere has detected

  • type in the code, and click the RECEIVE button

  • the transfer begins immediately and is FAST!

Various file types are supported, including music, video, photo, and contact files, although you may run into problems with Apple products when transferring music. Send Anywhere is currently a free service and you'd be hard pressed to find an easier way to get your files from Point A to Point B.

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